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Heart to Heart

It is hard to believe that I have been writing my devotional blog for six months now. During this time, I’ve shared what God has placed on my heart, recounting stories of His faithfulness and love in the hopes that I would show you who it is that I’ve placed my trust and faith in. Jesus.

There have been times when I have finished a devotion or am in the middle of writing one that I feel just doesn’t cut it. Something doesn’t feel right about it, and what is frustrating is I can’t always put my finger on it. I end up not posting that particular devotion because I feel God telling me not to. Then at other times, the words just flow right out of me as if God is speaking directly in my ear as I type the words out.

I’ve been trying to write another devotion in these past couple of weeks, and nothing I write seems to work. So I thought I would share with you my desires and goals as I write these devotionals and verses on my blog.

1. Truth

In a sense, what I do as I write devotions is teaching and proclaiming the truth of God’s word. James 3:1 has a very stern warning for those of us who teach. The verse says, Dear brothers and sisters, not many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly. You see, it matters what I am teaching. Teaching God’s truth is most important to me, even when it may be a hard truth to swallow. Before I begin writing, I study the passage or verse that I am writing about. At times it isn’t easy, but what I try to proclaim is the truth of what that passage or verse is trying to say.

2. Encouraging

I also want to be an encouragement. Faith isn’t an easy formula you follow; it is a daily determination. Life isn’t easy, and we struggle. I want to be that person that comes alongside you and cheers you on.

3. For Change

God’s word is not filled with flowery verses to make us feel good. It is for much more.

2 Timothy 3:16 says, All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness. There are times I want to challenge us in our faith so that we grow in it. God’s word is supposed to change us.

Thank you for letting me be honest and transparent. It is a blessing to do this, and my prayer is that you find all three of these through what I write. God Bless.

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