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What Does it Mean that the Bible is Inspired?

What it means that the Bible is inspired is this. It refers to how the human authors of the books contained in the Bible were divinely influenced by God. They wrote the very words God wanted to say.

The Bible itself claims that every word of the whole Bible came from God. The fancy term for this is verbal plenary inspiration. It merely means the words themselves are inspired, not just concepts or ideas. This inspiration extends to all parts and all subject matters of Scripture.

A verse that addresses the inspiration of Scripture is 2 Peter 1:21. This verse helps us understand that even though God used men of varying personalities and writing styles, the words written are the words of God.

Jesus himself also supports the accuracy of Scripture in Matthew 5:17-18 down to the smallest detail.

Because God’s word is inspired, it means the Bible is unique from all other books, timeless, dependable, and trustworthy. We can also conclude that it is free of error and has the authority to change us and make us complete.

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